The sensuous Vboard's uniqueness


We will inform you how to use the V board


Various and convenient functions

  • 01

    Easy installation and setting

    With easy installation and setting, all screens can be used as the latest electronic blackboard regardless of location.

  • 02

    Ultra light size

    Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, easy to carry and move anywhere, anytime.

  • 03

    Intuitive Palette

    Intuitive design of the palette configuration UI makes it easy for first-time users to use.

  • 04

    Unlimited screen screen

    Regardless of size or surface, all screens can be used as an electronic board with one VBOARD.

  • 05

    Soft touch pen

    Designed with a sensible design and light weight, it is comfortable in the hand even for long-term use.

  • 06

    Smarter function

    Combining various functions such as screen capture, document storage, and frequently used templates.