Connecting VBoardPen

VBoardPen Guide

Run VBoardPen and Connecting VBoardPen

  • step 1
  • Double-click ‘VBoardPen’ at the desktop,
    or double-click on VBoardPen at the start menu to run the program.
  • - VBoardPen runs automatically when the computer starts
  • step 2
  • Connect the VBoard Sensor to the computer USB port
    If successfully connected, a connection message at the bottom right of the screen will be displayed.
  • Message if connection is lost while trying to connect
Connecting VBoardPen

Setting up the touch screen

  • Set the touch screen

Setting up the touch screen

  • Touch screen save list
  • In the touch screen setting, settings history is shown.
    If there are multiple VBoard sensors in use,
    you can select and use the settings of each installed sensor.

  • Rename : Change the name of the save list
    Enter desired name and click OK to save

Delete saved settings

Touch Screen Settings

Setting VBoardPen touch screen

  • step 1
  • Adjust the direction of the sensor so that the screen of he monitor or projector gets in.

  • After adjusting the sensor, click the button..
  • step 2
  • When the program is running,
    the display area of the screen such as TV, monitor, and beam projector is automatically detected.

  • Execute auto-calibration (program recognizes the screen display area automatically) again.
  • Execute manual calibration (program recognizes the screen display area manually) again.
  • Applies the recognized result to the current screen display area.
  • step 3
  • If the program does not automatically detect the display area of the screen
    After 2-3 seconds, the target instruction to set the touch screen will be displayed.

  • Press the center of the target using the pen.
    There are 4 touch points, the upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right.
  • (When the target is recognized, it will move to the next one, so press and hold until the pen is recognized.)
  • When all 4 points are recognized, the screen disappears and the setting is completed.
    When you touch the screen with the pen can perform operations such as click draw.
  • (If you hold the pen down for more than 1 second, it will right click.)
Configuration Settings

VBoardPen Setup

  • Auto run Program
    The program starts automatically when the window opens.
  • Ceiling mount mode
    Check if the VBoard Sensor is installed on the ceiling.
  • View Touch Screen Settings
    Select whether to show the touch screen settings when the device is newly connected.
  • Monitor Settings
    In case multiple monitors are connected select a monitor to operate the VBoardPen.
  • (when a projector or TV is connected to the PC)
  • Language Settings
    You can select from 7 languages
  • Languages - English, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese